Zachary Ray

Zachary Ray is a Danish/American musician residing in


"I connect with ambitious dreamers who go through hell and high water in search of fulfillment".

I was born in the state of Rhode Island to an American father and mother from Denmark. I was brought to Denmark shortly after.


Being introduced to Metallica and Eminem at age 5, I began to get wildly obsessed with drumming. My grandma from Rhode Island gave me my first beginner drums set.


I started taking drum lessons at age 8 at the local music school, where I joined various bands.


Growing up I've always had access to a guitar and a piano but it wasn't until 12 years of age I started to really focus on the guitar. Along with learning the guitar came singing and the combination became the most important tool for me to express myself.

My high school years were packed with shows all over Denmark in my first band "UNNAMED UNKNOWN". We won several contests and got the attention of a few established artists and industry folks who really helped us a long way.

The decision to perform all of the instrumental and vocal tracks on "Trouble" and other songs stemmed from my early introduction to the world of recording and mixing. It's a way to challenge myself and experiment with music a different way. I love to push myself beyond my own limits but nothing beats playing in a band! I'm currently working on a new project and I can't wait to share this new band with the world!  



My main influences would be the likes of Jack White, Muse, Nirvana, Sia, Panic! At The Disco and I still think Eminem is haunting me every time I start creating a song, even though it might be hard to hear for some.

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